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Appeals to me for many reasons.

RhythMETHOD DanceCONNECTIVE has a syllabus that appeals to me for many reasons.

The work is based on international standards, technique, steps and terminology and a lot of research has been done to ensure that the work can compete on a global scale.

Mark will listen to input from various people, and has set up a syllabus that appeals to both young and old.

All the extras (videos, extra syllabus notes, dictionary), makes the work much easier to learn and understand, and also increases the knowledge of teachers and students alike. I love the fact that traditional steps are included. They’re not only fun to do, but teach us so much about where tap came from!

The work is made interesting from start to finish, even an adult just starting out will find the basic levels as much of a challenge as a young child will. Everyone is pushed from day one, but because there are a number of levels, finding one to suit each dancer’s ability is easy.

Although exams are strict and taken very seriously, there is a level of freedom for dancers to express themselves in the work (and there are often options that give stronger dancers more of a challenge, while not putting those still struggling a bit at a disadvantage). This certainly doesn’t make it easier, in fact, you have to put more thought into what you are doing in order to not only do correct technique, but also to present the syllabus in a way that shows you can dance! The fact that there are three examiners with different opinions, that all look for different things, make exams both harder and a lot more fair.

This is a syllabus that keeps growing and improving, it doesn’t stagnate. It makes it the type of syllabus that you really want to keep learning!

Estelle Botham

I feel privileged

Gee Mark … .. It’s just one man’s incredible dedication . … Passion … . talent and love that has made a stunning syllabus. Other organizations have a mountain of people who help . And the kids love it … .. I feel privileged as a teacher for something like this to offer my dancers . It’s beyond amazing … . And the best of it all is … .. your circumstances are not the best … But you keep being a mentor and you stay positive and creative. … It ‘s amazing.

Hees Mark….. Dis net een mens se ongelooflike toewyding. … passie…. talent en liefde wat so ‘n stunning syllabus gemaak het. Ander organisations is daar ‘n berg mense wat help. En die kids love dit….. Ek as juffrou voel bevooreg om so iets vir my dansers te kan bied. Dit is amazing verby…. En ja die beste van dit alles is….. jou omstandighede is nie di beste nie… Maar jy bly ‘n mentor en jy bly positief en kreatief. … dit is ongelooflik.

Magda Heymans
Magda's Dance Studio

In my experience of level 4

In my experience of level 4, I find the syllabus to be filled with great rhythms and technique. The accents in the different exercises enhance the interesting rhythms. It makes you use your brain as it is quite challenging. The different combinations used, creates a platform for the dancer to improve his/her technique and to broaden their tap vocabulary. It’s great fun!

Gail Barr
Gail Barr Academy of Dance

Thank you for an amazing tap exam session!

Dear Mark Anthony Tadford, we at Dance Distinction Studio thank you for an amazing tap exam session!
You truly put my girls at ease… without your kindness, I don’t think they’d have performed as well as they did. You knew it was their first tap exam and just made sure they relaxed. Thank you for that!
Thank you for the reports you wrote! The corrections are clearly stated, but you also bothered to give such nice compliments. You really are working on building kids up, not breaking them down!
As for teacher’s corrections. Thank you for giving me clear and concise corrections that I can (and will) work on. And even these were so positive and uplifting, you made me excited to keep going!
RhythMethod, we would also like to thank you for reports and certificates that were so beautifully presented. It honestly made us feel so special and appreciated!
Thanks again for all your hard work, you made me feel like my hard work was noted. Please keep up this standard, we’ll support you for years to come!

Estelle Botham
Dance Distinction Studio