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Exam entries are for are for the following dancers.

  • For the benefit of dancer wishing to take dance exams during the 2020/2021 Covid-19 lockdown period
  • Dance schools that have less than the required amount of 15 dancers for a session.
  • For dance schools that are situated in outlying areas or travelling.
  • For dancers who have missed an exam due to illness


For TAP EXAMS we will take a different approach to examining than for modern and Urban Stylez.

All exam procedures remain the same. Dance teachers may wish to allow dancers to enter 2 at a time. In this case please ensure the correct layout of the exam is followed where a specific dancer will always go first. All exam rules remain the same from entrance to dress codes and conduct. All dancers to wear name tags as usual.


Please book your exams as usual using the correct updated form available online or please email alive@rhythmethod.co.za for an updated entry form. All video exam entries should be done in 1 session and 1 entry form if possible. All exam fees remain the same for video entries. PERFORMER level exams can still be done. PERFORMER exams must still be done with audience and a wooden stage. As from November 2020 all dancers must provide an adult’s email and physical address. Release forms must be signed by parents/guardians. Release forms will be made available soon.


Please show an entrance with or without music and a greeting of the examiner.

Dancer must move to the correct place after teacher announces exercise/combo or is standing ready before teacher announces.

Please show a respectful bow to the audience at the end of the exam with or without music. Bows do not have to be dance choreography but must be practiced.


For TAP exams please record 2 videos namely 1 from the front at a slight angle focusing on the whole dancer in the frame and another from the front at a slightly downward angle focusing on the dancer’s feet. Both recordings can be taken at the same time with different cameras. Dance teachers must be supervising. If for any reason videos are created privately by the dancer the onus is on the dance teacher to check and have the videos edited correctly. We recommend covering mirrors to avoid dancers staring. Dancers do not need to stare at the camera but may rather glance at times as one does for a normal exam. Adequate lighting is important and needs to be done with floodlights or other bright light from the front angle. And slightly down angle. Lighting is important for video cameras to record the details correctly. Avoid extreme backlighting


Examiners will mark all exams as usual, except watching 2 videos as recorded where one is a highlight of the feet. Examiners are instructed to only watch videos once and determine the mark from there. Examiners are instructed to mark each dancer in 1 sitting without interruption. RMDC will use the exam videos to train subsequent examiners and all dancers must agree to this. No exam video may be posted anywhere online or social media or shared. RMDC also agrees not to share any videos or make available to anyone except for the express purposes of training examiners. The videos are also an excellent way to have examples for subsequent examiners, associate trainees and dancers and respect will be shown to the dancers and teachers. All entries must have release forms attached for all dancers. (to follow)

Tips for dancers.

Keep your head up. Perform past the cameras. Projection is key on videos. Practice much more than you think you need to.

GOOD LUCK with your exams.