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Dance Teacher Resources : My Attendance Tracker


Resources for dance teachers are far and few between. Here’s something bound to make your life easier. Track your dance school (or any school) attendance via the online free app MyAttendanceTracker.com.

Yes it’s free but we know you will donate money to the worthy cause once you have used it. I’ve used it a while now and am so glad to have this resource available to me as a dance teacher so that I can keep track of attendance. I used to do attendance in a book but honestly we live in a the 21st century with digital files and this app helps  so much I cannot see anyone not having it or a similar application. Export functionality is available and also keeping of grades. Also included is a modest invoicing system and a SMS email message system. There is place to keep track of parent and student information and customised fields make sure that you can add anything you need. The attendance tracker part has options to keep track of tardiness and also you can take a note if class was ended early, started late, the teacher was ill etc.

More dance teacher resources to follow